Sony HT-XT1 Review

Sony HT-XT1 2.1 Channel TV Base Speaker
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Review Summary:

The Sony HT-XT1 definitely delivers on improving the sound for watching TV. This unit includes all of the parts in one enclosure, so it makes for less clutter and easier installation and this system comes with features like Bluetooth and simulated surround sound. For good sound out of a single unit system, this is a product that has a lot to offer.

If you are looking for an all in one solution to improve the sound for your HD TV, then the Sony HT-XT1 soundbase might be the perfect answer. This system is a sound bar that has the soundbase design. That means it can be placed below the TV or it can be used as a stand for your television. It comes with a range of good features and it delivers impressive sound for a unit that has all of the parts in one enclosure.

With this unit, the consumer gets two stereo speakers and a subwoofer all within the single piece. This makes for a solid sound experience without having to connect multiple components. While a system that has its own independent subwoofer will provide a little more punch, this one does have great range and depth due to the integration of the subwoofer.

The HT-XT1 also comes with a nice range of audio features that really help to enhance the sound. It comes with the S-force Pro audio for a simulated surround sound and the user also has a range of preset sound settings for different purposes. It comes with presets for games, movies, music, news, sports and standard. Along with that, it also has an equalizer that allows the user to adjust the bass and the treble.

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For set up and connectivity, this system scores well. For the easiest installation, the user gets three HDMI inputs for connecting their devices, and then there is a single HDMI output for connecting with the TV. However, there are also inputs for optical audio and analog audio if you want to connect the devices to the TV and have the set feed the audio to the sound bar. Either way, the installation is pretty straightforward and hassle free.

As an additional benefit, this system also has Bluetooth with NFC support. You can stream music from a Smartphone or tablet with this feature and it is very easy to pair devices with the Sony sound base. If the device supports NFC connectivity, all you have to do is place the device near the sound bar and it will provide and instant connection. If your device does not have NFC, then you still have the option of pairing the device through the Bluetooth menu.

This sound system from Sony is very user-friendly. Once you have it hooked up, you can navigate through the menus with relative ease and it has a display to show things like the volume level and the current source. If you are connected with the HDMI, some TVs will even control the sound bar with the remote for the TV.


• 170W 2.1-channel system
• Can hold TVs of up to 55-inches
• Integrated subwoofer
• S-Force Pro surround
• Clear Audio Plus
• Dolby Digital TrueHD
• Easy to install
• Bluetooth with NFC
• HDMI pass through for 4K and 3D
• 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


• The subwoofer does not perform as well as one that is separate from the sound bar

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