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Sony HT-XT2
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Review Summary:

For its ability to improve the sound of TV shows and movies, this model should satisfy almost any person that tries it. The one hitch is that you have to make sure that your TV has one of the supported options for connecting to this sound base. If your TV is compatible, then you should enjoy the high-quality sound and the wide array of additional features like Bluetooth streaming, multi-room expandability and Google Cast.

If you are tired of the weak sound that comes from your TV’s onboard speakers and want to get something that will make for better audio to go with the nice picture, then the Sony HT-XT2 sound base offers a nice solution. The sound on this 2.1-channel system is very good and it does have some nice features, but Sony has missed some points that have helped to make some of their other sound base units more user-friendly.

With the HT-XT2 from Sony, you have a 2.1-channel system that delivers good sound capabilities. This is an all in one unit. The sound base has the standard 2-channel stereo speakers, plus an integrated 100W subwoofer to fill out the bottom end of the sound. All of the hardware blends well to provide audio that sounds great for a variety of different applications.

For the sound processing features, this model does offer great capabilities for sound that is impressive. It has Dolby Digital sound processing, plus it uses the Sony S-Force Pro for delivering a limited virtual surround sound effect. You also have a range of preset audio settings for things like sports, movies and games, plus the system comes with Sony’s ClearAudio+ and the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine for restoring the sound quality to compressed audio files.

In regard to the features and additional functions, this is one area where the HT-XT2 comes up big. You can stream music from mobile devices over Bluetooth, it has a USB for playing music files, it can connect to the internet for music streaming services and it comes equipped with Google Cast for streaming music apps from your devices. Beyond that, the user can use the Sony SongPal app and a set of compatible wireless speakers to turn this model into a full house music player.

While this model does have some nice connectivity options for the expanded features, it does come up short when you look at the TV connecting options. This model has Bluetooth with NFC for streaming music, it can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and you have the USB port for playing music from a thumb drive. All of those are great connectivity options that really help to expand the versatility of this system. However, the main purpose of this unit is to connect it to a TV and the options in this area are a little limited. With this model, your options are an ARC-enabled HDMI and the optical audio input. If your TV has compatible outputs, then these are some of the best options for connecting, but the lack of an analog connection will limit this unit’s compatibility with some older or less expensive TVs.

Assuming that your TV does have the compatible connecting outputs, this sound base is simple to install. You just connect, through the HDMI or the optical audio, plug the unit in and it is ready for action. Even connecting external devices through the Bluetooth and getting this unit on the internet is fairly simple. All in all, it is a user-friendly model as long as your TV has the supported outputs.


• 170W 2.1-channel audio system • Integrated subwoofer • Display on front panel • Bluetooth with NFC • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity • Comes equipped with Google Cast and Spotify • Dolby Digital Sound • Sound Enhancement for compressed music files • USB media playback • Multi-room expandable • 1 ARC-enabled HDMI • Good for supporting TVs of up to 55-inches


• The lack of connecting options will make this model unusable for TVs that do not have an ARC HDMI or an optical audio output

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  1. Purchased one yesterday. It will not sync with Sony kd43 tv. Took it back to Currys and they tried and failed. These two Sony products will not work together .


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