Samsung HW-J7500 Review

Samsung HW-J7500
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  • Samsung HW-J7500
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  • Last modified: January 22, 2017
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Review Summary:

By adding the Samsung HW-7500 to your home viewing centre, you will be adding sound that has depth and detail to your movies and TV. This system not only has great audio capabilities, but you get an awesome array of features that can make it perfect for all of your home listening. It does cost a bit more than some of the other soundbars, but if you plan to use some of the additional features, then it is worth the price.

The Samsung HW-J7500 curved soundbar is a great product for those looking to improve the audio quality on their HD TV. This model delivers a nice amount of audio power and it produces a sound quality that is really impressive. Along with that, it comes with a variety of nice features that help to provide this system with great versatility.

This model provides the user with an 8.1-channel audio system. However, it is not a surround sound. It has six front-facing speakers and two that face the sides of the soundbar. The speakers are controlled by eight independent amps, and that is where the eight-channel classification comes from. In addition to the eight speakers in the bar, you have a 160W wireless subwoofer. With this setup, this is a system that offers a high-quality audio experience.

While this system does not come as a true surround sound, the precision control from the eight amplifiers and the speaker arrangement do make for a system that provides one of the more effective virtual surround sounds. Additionally, the system does have 5.1-channel decoding and the user can buy a set of Samsung’s wireless speakers to turn this unit into a true surround.

The HW-J7500 from Samsung offers an impressive array of audio features. In addition to a solid virtual surround, it comes with four preset audio modes and an 8-band equalizer for making your own custom adjustments.

In addition to the nice audio features, the user gets some good functional features that help to make this unit very versatile. First, you have the ability to turn this into a true surround with the 5.1-channel decoding and a set of wireless speakers. Beyond that, you also have the ability to play music from a thumb drive, Bluetooth capabilities for streaming music from mobile devices and this system can be expanded into a multi-room music player.

For connectivity, this model from Samsung has some great options. If you have a compatible Samsung TV, then you can connect to the TV wirelessly. Beyond that, you have an HDMI input for connecting things like a DVD or Blu-ray player, an ARC HDMI for connecting to the TV, an optical audio input and 3.5mm audio input jack. Along with that, you also have the Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and a spot for a thumb drive.

For the most part, this model is fairly easy to use. All of the basic features can be controlled with no problem from the remote. However, the remote is not well laid out for accessing some of the deeper features. That said, you can download the Samsung remote app for making these controls a little easier to access. Additionally, connecting wirelessly to a compatible Samsung TV or using the HDMI will allow the user to control the soundbar with the remote from the TV and that is a nice convenience feature.


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320W 8.1-channel soundbar system
Wireless subwoofer
Curved design is great for matching with curved TVs
Wireless connecting with compatible TVs
Stream music through Bluetooth
USB media playback
Full HD pass through from HDMI
ARC enabled HDMI
Can be converted to 5.1-channel surround with wireless speakers
Multi-room expandable
Wi-Fi capable
Dolby Digital Sound
Compatible with Samsung Remote App
Display on front panel


Considering all of the features, the remote could be a little better

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