Panasonic SC-HTB485EBK Review

Panasonic SC-HTB485EBK 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar
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Review Summary:

With 2.1-channels and 250W, the Panasonic SC-HTB485EBK can provide high-quality sound for a range of different purposes. This sound bar has great range and it produces sound that is clear and rich. When you consider the sound quality and the price, this system is an exceptional value. The SC-HTB485EBK costs about £40 more than Panasonic’s SC-HTB18EB, but it is well worth the extra cost if you have it in the budget.

The Panasonic SC-HTB485EBK sound bar offers a lot of sound for the price. Consumers get the sound bar enclosure with two 60W speakers and a 130W wireless subwoofer for a total of 250W of audio power. This system will definitely improve your home viewing experience by providing your HD TV with a sound quality that is more in line with performance of the screen.

To start, you have the speaker enclosure for all of your mid and higher range sounds, then the system has the downward firing subwoofer to add some bass to the experience. This setup is very well designed and all of the different speakers work well together to deliver very impressive performance.

Panasonic also equipped this unit with features like virtual surround sound and a clear dialogue setting that the user can adjust. With the clear audio, the voices come through nice and clear and you still get good sound for the different effects in the program. In addition to that, the sound bar has a range of different audio settings for applications like listening to music, playing games, watching sports and for films.

For getting the SC-HTB485EBK set up, the user does not have to go through a whole lot of effort. The subwoofer is wireless, so you do not have to run a wire for that and you have options for HDMI and optical audio. With the HDMI, you connect the component to the sound bar and then connect with the HDMI output to the TV. However, there is only one HDMI input, so most consumers will be better served to connect to the TV using the optical cable. Along with that, you also have placement options for leaving the device freestanding or you can mount it on the wall.

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Another nice feature that this sound bar comes with is Bluetooth with NFC. You can connect your mobile devices and stream music to the sound system. The music sounds good on the sound bar and if your device is supported by NFC, the wireless connection can be made very easy. Without NFC, the user will have to go the Bluetooth menu and connect by selecting the sound system in the device.

When it comes to ease of use, this system gets high marks. The user can navigate the settings with the remote and adjustments can be made easily. The only thing that would make this sound system easier to use would be a display. It does have some indicator lights to help the user out, but an actual readout of status and volume would be better.


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• 250W 2.1-channel system
• Wireless subwoofer
• Dolby Digital sound
• Virtual surround sound
• Dialogue enhancement
• HDMI pass through for 1080p
• Bluetooth with NFC
• Compatible with the Panasonic streaming audio app
• Comes with the wall mount bracket
• 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


• No display
• Only one HDMI input

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