Panasonic SC-HTE200EBK Review

Panasonic SC-HTE200EBK 200 W Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming Soundbase Speaker
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    Editor: 84%
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    Editor: 83%
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    Editor: 87%
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    Editor: 87%
  • Installation
    Editor: 90%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 87%

Review Summary:

As a system for improving the sound on your TV, the Panasonic SC-HTE200EBK provides good performance. It is very easy to install and easy to use and you can also use it for streaming music from mobile devices. Overall, this is a nice all in one unit that will enhance the sound for just about any home viewing centre.

With the Panasonic SC-HTE200EBK, consumers get improved sound quality for their HD TV in one self-contained unit that is easy to use. The sound base comes with an array of speakers for great audio quality and the system is designed to be easy to use.

For the sound quality, this unit has the hardware to deliver. The sound bar is a single enclosure with all of the parts right in the main unit. You have two 50W speakers for stereo sound that work in combination with the dual-subwoofers that are integrated into the enclosure. With this set up, the user gets nice range and with it being all in one unit, it makes it much neater than many of the other systems.

This system comes equipped with a range of audio features that will also help to enhance the experience. It has the virtual surround sound and a clear audio dialogue booster. The virtual surround is pretty good, though not quite as impressive as a true surround system. However, this is a 2-channel design and it does fill the room with sound.

When it comes to playing music, this system performs well. You have Bluetooth with NFC for connecting compatible mobile devices. Connecting through the NFC is nice and easy and the music sounds great when you play it through this system. If your phone or tablet is not NFC compatible, then you can still pair the device with the sound bar by going into the Bluetooth menu. Either way, it should connect easily and maintain the connection with no problem.

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This Panasonic sound base is very easy to get set up and ready for use. You have the choice of connecting through and ARC-enabled HDMI or an optical audio input. Both options will provide great performance in regard to the sound, but the HDMI is probably the best way to go. With HDMI ARC, the TV can send audio from sources to the sound base and you can have a source connected to the sound base that sends video to the TV. If the HDMI is not an option, the optical port will work just fine, it just opens up more options to have it connected through the HDMI ARC input.

Once you get this system installed, it is also very easy to use. The options are easy to navigate and the remote makes controlling the sound bar very simple. You also have a front panel display that makes it easy to know what functions you are operating and where the settings are.


• 200W 2.1-channel sound base
• Integrated subwoofer
• Bluetooth for streaming music
• Virtual surround
• Dialogue enhancement
• Dolby Digital Sound
• 4K and 3D pass through for HDMI
• Compatible with the Panasonic streaming music app
• 50kg weight capacity
• 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


• Only one HDMI input

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