Panasonic SC-HTB18EB Review

Panasonic SC-HTB18EB-K 120W Soundbar and Sub with Wireless Music Streaming
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Review Summary:

For the price, you will have a hard time beating the Panasonic SC-HTB18EB. While it does have some issues, it comes with a speaker arrangement that provides range and clarity and it is fairly easy to use. If you are working on a budget and you want to add some big sound to your TV, then this is a system that is worth consideration.

With the Panasonic SC-HTB18EB soundbar, consumers can boost the quality of their TV watching experience. This system comes with a two speaker sound bar and a subwoofer for audio that covers the full range of sound and it includes features like Bluetooth to allow the user wireless music streaming.

This soundbar system from Panasonic comes with two 30W speakers in the enclosure and then it fills out the bass with a 60W subwoofer. The user gets sound that is pretty good out of this setup, but there are times when it seems like the sub is hitting a little too hard and in these moments, it doesn’t mesh quite so well with the rest of the system.

The SC-HTB18EB does come with some nice sound processing features. It has a simulated surround sound for a more in the action sort of feel and it also has a dialogue enhancer to make voices easier to distinguish. Along with that, you get a range of preset sound settings for things like music, movies and games and there is an independent control for the subwoofer function.

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For the installation, this one isn’t the best and it isn’t the worst. It has an optical audio in for connecting with the TV and if that is not an option, it also has plugs for analog audio. For the best sound quality, users should go with the optical connection. Beyond connecting to the TV, you also have to connect the power supply and the cable for the subwoofer. It also comes ready with placement options for in front of the TV and wall mount.

To send music to the sound bar, you can connect your mobile devices through Bluetooth. It pairs easily with devices and the streaming music sounds good over the system.

For ease of use, this system does alright. It has a remote that allows you to control most of the functions without any problem, but there is no display screen. The unit does make up for that with a system of indicator lights, but a screen would be functionally superior.


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• 120W 2.1-channel system
• Comes with independent subwoofer
• Bluetooth for streaming music
• Wall mount ready
• Compatible with the Panasonic streaming music app
• 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


• No display on the unit

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