LG LAP250H Review

LG LAP250H SoundPlate with 100 Watts O/P & Built-In Subwoofers and Bluetooth Connectivity
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    Editor: 84%
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    Editor: 82%
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    Editor: 88%
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    Editor: 91%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 88%

Review Summary:

It might not have the power of some of the more expensive models, but at this price, you are not going to get room-shaking audio. The sound is nice and clear and it will definitely add something to the viewing experience of your HD TV. You also get some nice features like the Bluetooth and the system is very easy to operate. If you are working on a limited budget, this system is affordable and it performs well.

The LG LAP250H sound bar is a nice affordable option for people that are looking to improve the sound for their HD TV. This model comes in the sound base design, so it can be placed under the television and it comes with a built-in subwoofer and features like Bluetooth and a wireless TV link.

For sound, this is a low cost model, so it does not have the same amount of power as some of the more expensive units. That being said, it will certainly improve upon the sound of your television. It has 2-channel stereo sound with a built-in subwoofer that helps to give the system a little extra punch.

The LAP250H comes with a nice range of audio features. The user gets a virtual surround sound effect and it comes with a selection of preset audio options. You have presets for things like movies and music and then you also have an equalizer that allows the user to adjust the sound to their own specification.

As a nice set of features, the user also gets Bluetooth and a USB port. With the USB, you can plug in an external drive to play music files from your computer and through Bluetooth, you can stream music from devices like phones, tablets and laptops. These are great additional features for people that want to listen to music on a sound system that is better than the sound from the source device.

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As far as getting this system set up goes, LG has equipped this sound base with a nice array of options. If you have a compatible LG TV, then you can connect wirelessly. It is a great option for the easy set up and you will be able to control the sound bar through the TV remote. If not, you have the option of connecting through an HDMI with ARC, using the optical cable or connecting through the analog audio. In addition to these options for connecting to the TV, this sound base also has two HDMI inputs for connecting things like your DVD player or a gaming system.

For ease of use, the LG LAP250H scores pretty well. You have a well-designed remote with buttons that allow you to navigate the controls and options easily and it also has a front display for monitoring the functions of the sound base. For consumers that connect wirelessly, it s even easier to operate because you can just put down the remote for the system and use the TV remote for all of the basic functions.


• 100W 2.1-channel sound system
• Built-in subwoofer
• Dolby Digital Sound
• Virtual Surround
• Connects wirelessly with compatible LG TVs
• Bluetooth for streaming music
• USB playback
• Weight capacity of 18kg
• Easy to set up and easy to use
• 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


• None to speak of

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