LG LAB550 Review

LG LAB550W 2.1 Channel SoundPlate with LG Smart and Blu-ray Disc Playback
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Review Summary:

This is really so much more than a home audio system. The LG LAB550W does deliver on the sound, but the list of features make it one of the most versatile sound bar systems that you will find. It starts with enhancing the sound for your TV and then it goes on to play Blu-ray discs, stream music from mobile devices and it opens up a nice range of Smart TV features. With great performance, the ability to expand as a multi-room system and the additional content options, this sound base is one of the top values currently available.

The LG LAB550W soundbase is a home audio system that does so much more than improve the sound for your TV. With the main enclosure and wireless subwoofer, this system comes with great audio capabilities and it also packs a range of features that have a lot to offer when it comes to home entertainment.

LG has equipped this soundbase with the hardware that it needs to produce impressive audio. You get the main enclosure that comes with a range of speakers for crisp, clear audio and then you have a wireless subwoofer that adds some serious depth to the sound. All of the components blend well for an audio experience that is very satisfying.

The LAB550W also comes with a nice range of sound enhancement features. The user gets a virtual surround sound for a more immersive experience and you also get different presets for a variety of different applications. Along with the presets for things like movies, music and games, the user can also adjust the sound manually with independent controls for treble and bass.

For using this system as a music player, the LAB550W offers a nice range of features. You have Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from mobile devices, the ability to play media from a USB and this system can also be turned into a multi-room music system. With a set of compatible LG wireless speakers, the user can take the music to any room in the home.

One of the things that make this system a real standout is the fact that it actually expands the user’s options for content. This model comes with a built-in DVD and Blu-ray player and it has LG Smart features for streaming TV shows and Movies from the internet. With this sound base, you can connect to your home network and access content from sources like Netflix, YouTube, Now TV, Amazon and more.

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For connecting this sound system to the HD TV, the user has a great range of options. This model comes with an ARC enabled HDMI, which is probably the best option for connecting to the TV, but if this not available with your TV, you could also connect through the optical input or the analog audio. After connecting to the TV, all you have to do is pair the wireless subwoofer and connect to the home internet for the Smart services. For a system with this many features, the installation is fairly easy and you can probably have it ready in about 10-15 minutes.

For ease of use, this LG sound system also does well. With all of the additional features, it is a little more complicated than some of the more basic sound bars, but it has a front panel display and a remote that makes the navigation fairly simple. You also have the option of downloading the LG remote app, which can be good for streamlining the controls and making some of the features a little more accessible.


• 200W 2.1-channel sound system
• Wireless subwoofer
• Part of the LG Music Flow Series
• Equipped with LG Smart TV
• Plays Blu-ray discs and DVDs
• Bluetooth for wireless music streaming
• Compatible with LG wireless speakers for multi-room capabilities
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet for Internet connectivity
• USB media player
• Dolby TrueHD sound
• Upscaling to Full HD for DVDs
• Compatible with Music Flow app and remote app
• 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


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