LG HS9 Review

LG Music Flow HS9 7.1 Smart Hi-Fi Audio Soundbar
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Review Summary:

With the HS9, LG has done a great job of designing a sound bar that delivers on the power and the sound quality. With seven channels and a subwoofer, you get amazing clarity and depth. Along with that, you have great options for expandability and it has some nice features for listening to music. It might be a bit much if you are only looking to improve the sound for your TV, but if you intend to use some of the music services and the multi-room feature, then you will love the capabilities that this system provides.

For improved sound on your television, there are few systems that are going to do more for you than the LG HS9 sound bar. This device comes with an advanced speaker design for high-quality performance on a range of different applications. Along with being great for watching TV and movies, this LG sound bar comes with a nice selection of features that make it very versatile.

Consumers will have a hard time finding anything to complain about when it comes to the sound quality. The sound bar itself comes with seven speakers that all operate on independent channels and it connects with the wireless subwoofer for a sound that is full and clear. With this setup, you get a 7.1-channel system with 700W.

For audio features, the user gets the 7.1-channel surround with a wide field for the sweet spot. It also comes with dynamic loudness control, dynamic range control, HD playback and a variety of different presets for all of the different applications that you might use this system for.

One note about the surround sound is that the system does not have speakers that are positioned in the rear, so it is not a true surround. While it does sound good and it will provide a nice immersive experience, a system that has speakers positioned in the rear will provide a more realistic surround. LG does offer a solution to this by allowing the consumer to purchase additional wireless speakers to position behind the viewer, but it will add to the cost of the system as a whole.

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For getting the HS9 installed and ready for use, the user has a great range of options. With a compatible LG televisions, it can be as simple as connecting the sound bar wirelessly, but if this not an option, you still have a nice range of plugs and ports to choose from. The best option is to go with the HDMI connections. The user has three HDMI inputs for connecting their sources and then a single HDMI output for connecting to the TV. If this option doesn’t work for you, then you could also connect through the optical port or by using the analog audio input.

As a nice additional feature, the user can also stream music to the sound bar through a Bluetooth connection. Devices connect effortlessly and music can be played from a variety of sources. In addition to this, you can also use the LG Music Flow app to control the sound bar and for managing the options on the music player.

Being in the LG Music Flow range, this sound bar can also be expanded for use as a multi-room player. You can buy additional wireless speakers for different rooms in the house and play music wherever you may be. To control the system, you will need the Music Flow app for a tablet or Smartphone, but once it is installed, it allows the user a great level of control over the system from any room in the house.


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• 700W 7.1-channel sound bar
• Wireless subwoofer
• Connects wirelessly with compatible TVs
• Part of the LG Music Flow line
• Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
• Dolby Digital Sound
• Compatible with LG wireless speakers
• Works with the LG Music Flow app
• Comes with wall mounting hardware
• 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


• The remote is a little basic for a system that is this advanced and it can take some time to manage some of the settings. Most users will want to consider downloading the app for better control.

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