LG HS7 Review

LG HS7 4.1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
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Review Summary:

With the LG HS7, consumers get a sound bar that has a ton of features that are great for making it versatile. It will enhance the viewing experience from your TV with sound that far exceeds many of the competitors and then you also have the multi-room expandability and wireless music streaming for a sound bar that really does it all.

For consumers that want a sound bar that goes beyond enhancing the sound for their TV, the LG HS7 is something to take a look at. Of course, the sound for your TV will be greatly improved, but this system comes with an array of features like multi-room compatibility and wireless streaming that can make it perfect for use as a music player.

As far as the hardware goes, the HS7 offers a good setup. You have the main sound bar enclosure with its four speaks and you have the 200W wireless subwoofer for the added bass. The main enclosure operates on four channels and with the subwoofer, that makes for a 4.1-channel system. All of the components blend well together for clear audio that delivers a first-rate experience.

For the audio features, this system also does pretty well. The user does not get true surround, but with the 4.1-channel audio, you get a nice virtual surround that will outperform almost any 2-channel system in this respect. You also get a range of audio presets for things like games, music, movies and sport and in addition to that, you get a user preset for your own customized sound settings.

As another nice feature of this sound bar, it is part of the LG Music Flow series. That means that it has the ability to be converted to or integrated with a multi-room system. You can buy the compatible LG wireless speakers for placement around the house to bring music to every room. The multi-room features are easy to set up and it has features that can allow you to play the same song in every room or different songs in different zones.

Along with that, you also have the ability to connect your mobile devices through the Bluetooth connection. The user can play the songs that are saved on the device or they can stream content from their favourite music apps. In addition to that, you can also get the LG Music Flow app for more sound and playback options.

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This system also does well on the installation. You can connect to the TV through an optical audio, the HDMI port or you can connect this sound bar by using the analog audio input. If you have a compatible LG television, you could also take advantage by connecting the sound bar through a wireless signal. Any way that you go, connecting to the TV is very simple and hassle-free.

The ease of use with this sound bar is pretty good once you have the system installed. For the basic use of watching TV and Movies, the remote will be fine, but navigating some of the settings can be a little time consuming. If you plan to really get into this system and make use of all of the features, it is definitely worth considering the remote app for use with a tablet or Smartphone.


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• 360W 4.1-channel sound bar
• Wireless subwoofer
• Multi-room expandable
• Connects wirelessly to compatible LG TVs
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connective
• Compatible with LG wireless speakers
• Compatible with the LG Music Flow app
• Dolby Digital Sound
• Comes with wall mounting hardware
• 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


• The remote is a little basic for a system with all of these features
• Only one HDMI input, would be nice if it had 2 or 3

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