Goodmans GDSB04BT50 Review

Goodmans GDSB04BT50
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  • Goodmans GDSB04BT50
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  • Last modified: January 22, 2017
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Review Summary:

The Goodmans GDSB04BT50 soundbar is not a system that is going to deliver the full cinema experience, but it is more than capable of improving on the sound in your home viewing center. It delivers quality sound for any type of viewing and it comes with the ability to pair with mobile devices through Bluetooth. If you just want better sound for watching TV and you do not want to make a major investment of cash, this is an option that offers a good value.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option that will boost the sound from your HD TV, then the Goodmans GDSB04BT50 soundbar should fit your needs. It’s not the loudest or the one that comes with the most features, but it will fill the sound out more than your TV’s onboard speakers and it performs surprisingly well for a speaker system in this price range

This is a 2.1 channel system, meaning that you do get the stereo sound with the added low frequency channel for a subwoofer. The enclosure comes with two 10W speakers and a built-in 30W subwoofer. That means that all of your sound is coming from the one unit. While you certainly could find soundbars that have more punch, the sound from this model is nice and clear and you do get a little bit of impact from the subwoofer.

For adjustability and processing effects, this model comes with all of the basics. You have three sound modes to choose from. The movie setting is for most of your TV watching, then you have voice for things like the news and talk shows and you have a setting for music. In addition to that, you also have a three-band equalizer for making your own custom adjustments. One common feature that is missing is a virtual surround. However, at a total of 50W, it would be unlikely to create a convincing surround effect.

One nice feature that it does have is Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily connect devices like a Smartphone or tablet and listen to the music that you have saved on the device.

Beyond coming Bluetooth equipped, the connectivity on this device is pretty basic. To connect to the TV, the user has the choice between connecting through the auxiliary in connections or they can use the 3.5mm line in connection. This should be enough for most TVs, but some buyers may be disappointed to find that there is no connection for a digital optical cable.

Being a fairly simple soundbar, this model is very easy to use. It comes with a remote that controls all of the functions and options, plus the Bluetooth connects easily with most compatible devices. Having to use a second remote to control the sound on your TV might be a bit of a hassle to some, but the remote is well laid out and you do not have to do a ton of button pressing to access any of the features or options. Along with that, this model also has onboard controls.

The GDSB04BT50 from Goodmans is very easy to install. It can be set on the TV stand and it comes with hardware for the wall mounting option. All of the speakers are in the one enclosure, so there is no need to run a bunch of cables. You basically just set it where you want it, connect it to the TV, plug in the power supply and it is ready to go.


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2.1-channel 50W soundbar
Built-in subwoofer
Bluetooth ready
3-band equalizer
• 3 preset sound modes • Comes with the connecting cables • Comes with wall mounting hardware • 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


No optical audio connection
No display

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