Bose Solo 15 Review

Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System
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    Editor: 83%
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Review Summary:

The Series II version of the Bose Solo 15 offers a wide range of improvements upon the predecessor and it makes for great piece of home audio equipment. The consumer gets nice room-filling sound for their home entertainment centre out of a unit that is very user-friendly. While the sound quality is great, the list of features is less impressive for a model that comes in at this price range.

Improving the sound on an HD TV is easy when you have a system like the Bose Solo 15 Series II sound base. This model is a great improvement upon some of the previous efforts of Bose in regard t to their sound bar line and users will be impressed with the audio performance and the easy installation of the device.

This sound base comes with a nice array of speakers and the sound design of the unit really delivers a nice experience. The enclosure comes with speakers for the left, right and center along with an integrated subwoofer for audio capabilities that are very rich and deep. The unit is well designed and the speakers all work together to make for a nice listening experience.

Bose also equipped this unit with a nice range of audio features. It has the TrueSpace technology for a sound that really fills the room for an immersive experience and you have dialogue enhancement for voices that are clear and easy to distinguish. All in all, between the speaker array and the processing technology, it hits the mark well for both TV and music.

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One way in which this system does not do that well is in regard to the additional features. It does have Bluetooth for connecting with devices like a Smartphone or tablet and it performs well on the music streaming. Devices pair easily with the system and it sounds great, but at this price, most consumers would expect a little more in the way of features.

Getting the Solo 15 set up is also a breeze. All you have to do is get the system connected to the TV and plug it in and it is basically ready for action, but it is somewhat limited in regard to the connecting options. You have an optical audio input, which is probably the best option for audio performance, but you also have analog and coaxial connections for TVs that do not have the optical output. While these options will be sufficient for most users, it would just be nice to have some options for HDMI connecting.

For ease of use, this is one of the better systems out there. It comes with a universal remote that can be programmed to operate all of your home entertainment components and the controls are simple and easy to understand. The only knock in regard to ease of use is the lack of a front panel display. It does have indicator lights to help the user track the activity of the sound base, but no display to see things like the volume level or to know how far you have adjusted settings on the bass.



3.1-channel sound system
Integrated subwoofer
TrueSpace sound technology
Dialogue enhancement
Dolby Digital Sound
Bluetooth for streaming music
Comes with universal remote
Weight capacity of 75 pounds
2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


No front display
Limited on the features

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